Every year the choir faces the realities of maintaining a financially stable community group. Our running costs are kept to a reasonable level through the goodwill of many volunteers and careful cash management. While breaking even is always the ultimate goal, the costs of putting on these performances often outweigh their income due to expenses such as venue, orchestra, music hire and staff.

If you would like to learn more about how you can sponsor us, please click here:  Hamilton Civic Choir Sponsorship

We also have a Give a Little page for donations.

Thank you for considering supporting us financially.

Current sponsors:

The Hamilton Civic Choir Foundation

The foundation was founded in 1999 with the enduring purpose of assisting the Hamilton Civic Choir to perform quality music to a high standard for inspiration and enjoyment of audiences and performers alike.  

The original board was headed by former Mayor of Hamilton, Sir Ross Jansen, and membership included members of the choir and others prominent in supporting music in Hamilton, some of whom are still serving on the board. The Foundation has enjoyed the patronage and support of Sir William Gallagher, and is privileged to have Dame Malvina Major as its present patron.

The Foundation holds an endowment fund which generates income to provide the Hamilton Civic Choir with substantial support for special projects and back up for unforeseen circumstances.  Donations to the Foundation qualify for a tax rebate as it is registered as a charitable organisation. 

The current members of the board are:

  • Brian Prestidge, chairman            
  • Kath Barnsley, secretary       
  • Ray Harlow, treasurer    
  • Hugh Goodman, trustee
  • Rachael Griffiths-Hughes, trustee
  • Koli Jayatunge, trustee (and liaison with Civic Choir committee)

If you would like to make a donation and/or a bequest to the Hamilton Civic Choir Foundation please contact:  

Hamilton Civic Choir Foundation
P.O. Box 824